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Full Day St. Lucia Tour - Information & Itinerary

Tour Price:

USD $75 per person.

We have special rates for children (ages 11 and younger).

All site entrance fees, refreshments, & eats are included in the price.

Tour Duration:

5.5 - 6 hours (custom tours are available)

Food & Beverages:

Along the way there will be numerous samplings of local delicacies, including: Piping Hot Bread, Homemade Island Coconut Cookies, Sweet Ripe Bananas, Johnny Cakes, Homemade Island Coconut Cakes, Local Banana Ketchup and savory Fish Cakes. Refreshments will also be offered Including: Rum Punch, Local Piton Beer, Water, and Sodas.

Meet your Cosol St. Lucia Tours Driver/Tour Guide

Meet and Greet Cosol St. Lucia Tour drivers/guides outside the Cruise Port Shops or your tour guide will pick you up at your hotel. Your driver will be holding up a sign saying "COSOL TOURS". Then board air-conditioned high roof minibus to begin your tour.

Drive through the history featured Capital of St. Lucia, Castries

Enjoy brief discourse on the history of the city and people of St. Lucia. You will see the Derek Walcott Square in the heart of St. Lucia's capital city, Castries. In the square, there is a monument for those who died in the battle for St. Lucia's and a large Samaan tree locally know as the "Massav" tree. It is said to be over 400 years old. The Central Library is to the western end of the Square, and at the eastern end is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception with illustrations and altarpiece work done by local artiste, Dunstan St. Omer. Between 1796 and 1948.

See the beautiful view of the north of St. Lucia from Morne Fortune

Stop at Morne Fortune to have a view of the scenic northern side of St. Lucia. Morne Fortue is Located high on the southern side of the St. Lucia Capital, with a spectacular view of the city, the Castries Harbour, The aiport, and some of the northern communities in St. Lucia. On Morne Fortune, you will also see the historic Government House.

Catch a glimpse of the St. Lucia Governor General's House

The St. Lucian Government House is one of the most important pieces of historical architecture in St. Lucia. It features a unique architectural design of so many years past. But this piece of St. Lucian history is well maintained to reveal all its splendor from when it was first built in 1865. The aged walls with white trimmings of this old Victorian based architecture, presents a lovely view even from a distance. It is also the official residence of St. Lucia’s Governor General who is head of state. Its walls also house preserved important historical documents and artifacts. An attraction not to be missed during your tour of St. Lucia.

Stop at the beautiful Marigo Bay to experience the lovely scenery

This is one of the most secure anchorages in the Caribbean. It is a safe haven for numerous sailboats all year round. As a side note, it was also the setting for the movie Dr. Doolittle. Marigo Bay is one of the most beautiful natural harbors you will see, with its palm-lined sandpits and steep forested hillsides. It is conveniently located approximately 20 minutes south of the capital of Castries and roughly 55 – 60 minutes from our most scenic town, Soufriere.

Drive through a native Banana Plantation, The largest in St. Lucia

After Marigot Bay, the road runs through the Roseau banana fields and lush green vegetation. Banana is St. Lucia’s main export crop. At the plantation, you will learn about the banana plantation's history, and also about the harvesting process. You will get a chance to sample St. Lucia's local bananas. The banana plants are smaller in size but produce fruits that are sweeter than your usual bananas. Our bananas are as sweet as they come for your eating pleasure.

Find local craft and experience local delicacies at Anse La Raye and Canaries

These two fishing villages are a must stop on St. Lucia tours. They are rich with St. Lucian culture and tradition. First you stop at the fishing village of Anse La Raye to enjoy viewing & shopping for local craft. Very unique craft and souvenirs produced locally using native materials. Anse La Raye is the first of two fishing villages situated in coves heading in a southerly direction; home to a weekly held Friday night "sea food Friday" feast. Next, enjoy a scenic drive to Canaries where you will enjoy local delicacies. Canaries is the second fishing village on the way to Soufriere. Here you will sample local eats and special dips, sure to arouse your taste buds. Also available for sampling are some of St. Lucia’s local fruits like the mango, sugar apple and the sop aka the “cosol”.

Visit the scenic town of Soufriere

We then visit Soufriere, the second largest town in St. Lucia. Leaving the forest, the road descends into the town, which was St. Lucia's first capital. View the brightly colored boats at the sea front of this quaint area. Situated on the outskirts of the town you will find the breathtaking Toraille waterfall amidst a botanical garden with various tropical flowers and plants. Surrounding the waterfall is a pool where you can either relax or indulge in a refreshing cool swim. At the Toraille waterfall you will soak in the exotic fragrances of the Botanical Garden. Soufriere is the most natural scenic town in St. Lucia and has several other tourist attractions which makes it St. Luica’s main sightseeing destination.

Experience the flora and fauna of St. Lucia at the Toraille Botanical Gardens

Enjoy the various nature trails with quaint bridges and walkways as they lead you through the lush greens and dazzling colors of this tropical paradise. The Toraille Botanical Garden is a favorite location for bird watching and horticulture. It makes for a very serene location if one can get to spend time alone in this natural setting. The vegetation flourishes above the surrounding hill sides with various species of birds chirping within the surrounding trees. The crystal water from the waterfall runs through a clear stream adding the natural ambiance to this location.

Enjoy a visit to the Sulphur Springs, the Caribbean's only drive-in volcano

In Soufriere, you will also find the the extinct St. Lucia Volcano called the Sulphur Springs. A seven acre crater dubbed the Caribbean's only drive-in volcano. As you approach, your nose will pick up the strong scent produced by the sulfur springs. There are more than 20 belching pools of muddy water, multicolor sulfur deposits, and other assorted minerals boiling and steaming on the surface. Actually, you don't drive in. You drive up within a few hundred feet of the gurgling, steaming mass, and then walk through an elevated path to view the entire crater.

Fill rejuvenated in the Surlphur Springs black water pool

This is a totally unique bath experience that will have you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. It's one of the highlights of Cosol's St. Lucia tours. While at the Sulphur Springs you can enjoy a mud bath in the famous black water pool. The pool is located in a natural open air, comfortable setting with built in sitting and shaded areas. The pool has steers on one end for entering the roughly 4ft deep black waters.

You can take a full bath by submerging your body in the 38.7 degree celsius waters. The water flowing through the pool possesses medicinal properties and is truly revitalizing to say the least. You can also use the sulphur mud deposits in and around the pool to cover and scrub your skin to let its natural medicinal properties further rejuvenate you.

After the mud settle's on your skin, you wash it away with the pool's waters to feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated. To finish off your experience at the mud baths, you can rinse off in one of the hot or cold showers. Changing rooms are also available at the mud baths.

A breath taking snorkeling experience awaits you at the jalousie beach

Cosol St. Lucia tours gives you an opportunity to experience a beautiful beach and snorkel in a beautiful marine ecosystem on your full day excursion. The jalousie beach is situated between the pitons (A world heritage site). It has beautiful coral reefs which are part of a marine management area. It presents a wonderful environment that is home to numerous species of marine life. The waters are calm and clear, and perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

The eye catching colors of the some of the marine life you will witness are a true spectacle. The reefs are animate with parrot fish, needle fish, puffer fish and you may even come across an octopus or lobsters on the sea bed. Be sure to walk with your underwater camera to capture the beautiful underwater life.

View the magnificent Piton Mountains, a world heritagesite site

The Pitons, also located in the picturesque town of Soufriere are a respected symbol of St. Lucia. They are one of the most recognizable landmarks in the Caribbean. The Pitons were considered sacred to the island's first inhabitants, the Amerindians and today they are treasured by St. Lucians. We’ve even named our local Piton Beer after this landmark. The Pitons are a most spectacular sight. Gros Piton (2,619 ft) and the Petit Piton (2,461 ft) are old volcanic forest covered plugs rising high out of the sea.

Enjoy freashly backed bread on your trip back to castries, go duty free shopping when back in the city

While heading back to the north of the island you will enjoy freshly baked bread, hot out of a local stone oven.

When you get back to castries, enjoy duty free shopping at La Place Carenage. It is an air-conditioned, duty-free shopping complex. Pointe Seraphine, another duty free shopping complex is also conveniently located within walking distance of the city of Castries. It consists of thirty-nine shops, offering silk-screened items, porclain and china, cigarettes, Liquor, leather goods, and a wide selection of arts and crafts.

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