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Cosol's tour was one ofthe best tours I've ever taken in the Caribbean. As a travel agent,I am continually researching for tour options for my clients. Ihave recommended Cosol to many of my clients and all have returnedwith glowing reviews. It makes me look like a hero! So, thanksCosol! Keep up the good work!

We recently took your touron Wednesday, May 14th, coming into St. Lucia on the RCL'sAdventure of the Seas. The tour was very well organized, we weremet by Cosol himself and had no problems finding the group. We wereassigned to van 224 and rode with Adrian. He was excellent - hisknowledge of the island was awesome and he even stopped to show usa cashew :) Adrian was great in that he didn't speed along so wewere able to get great pictures while riding in the van. He alsomade a lot of scenic stops so we could get out and take pictures.The tour is well worth the money you pay and is, by far, one of THEBEST island tours we have ever taken. We have a 4 year old son andeveryone was great with him as well. The snorkeling spot betweenthe Pitons is unbelievable. It is definitely a day we won't forget.Thanks so much for a terrific tour and beautiful memories! --Georgia Close

We booked a tour withCosol in April. It was the best. We couldn't say enough good thingsabout him and his drivers. They really showed us St. Lucia and weloved it. Our driver, Elias, was great! -- Tom, Jane, and Juli(Baltimore, MD)

This is hands down thebest tour in the Caribbean! Definitely the best money spent. Myfiancé and I had an amazing time filled with laughter,adventure, samples of the great local foods and plenty of beers.Watch out for the local rum though, it sneaks up on you. We areplanning our honeymoon there next year in St. Lucia, and going onanother Cosol tour is in our plans. It's the best way to see andexperience the island. Everyone knows Cosol on the island and youwill want to too. See you next year Cosol! -- Travis and Vanessa(Orlando, FL)

Just like to thank you andyour company for organising a great day around St. Lucia. My wifeand I thoroughly enjoyed your island and would recommend it toanyone. Bumpy was our guide , he was very helpful and informative.-- Dave and Maxine Vicary

We were on the CarnivalDestiny for March Break 2008, and the only tour that we pre booked,was with Cosol Tours. After reading all the positive reviews abouthim, we thought we would give him a try. We were NOT dissappointed.This tour was the highlight of our cruise. Our 11 year old daughterand 4 year old boy are still talking about the the things we sawand did during the 5 to 6 hour tour. We all had a fabulous time,and would do it again. Next time we would bring a nose plug for ourboy though, when going into the volcano :) :) Cosol seems to have agoal to make sure everyone has a great time, and he definitelysucceeded. Everything from the knowledge and history of St. Lucia,to the photo stops and sites, to the food and drinks you havethroughout the tour, it made for a very worth while trip. Thesnorkeling stop was the best we experienced on the whole cruise,which had six ports of call. I would personally recommend tryingCosol's special homebrew, which he calls "Liquid V". I even hadseconds! Thanks Again Cosol and Charlie (our driver) for awonderful experience! Looking forward to touring with you again! --Doug, Monique, Kirsten & Dylan (London, Ontario)

We want to thank Cosol forthe best day of our 10-day cruise visiting 7 islands. You were soenlightening and joyful with knowledge of your island beyondcompare. Not to mention no stone unturned for all of us, even thesmallest details. How lush and beautiful St Lucia is! And, theisland treats your friend prepared for us were so delicious. Havingcold drinks aboard anytime we wanted them was so generous too.Seeing the beauty of the mountains meeting the sea and at the endof the tour swimming and snorkling around the Caribbean at thatlovely resort was just delightful. Cosol, we loved every moment ofour tour and wish you the best of health in business and in yourpersonal life.Take it from me, book with Cosol Tours and you won'tbe sorry! -- Bevie Rose

My husband and I touredwith Cosol recently and were lucky enough to have Cosol himself.This tour with out a doubt was the best one we have ever been on.With 14 cruises under our belt and many tours, Cosol deliveredeverything he promised and more. He is delightful, informative, andthe best guide you will ever have. We were able to see manybeautiful sites as well as taste lots of food. You definitley willnot go hungry on this tour nor be bored! -- Terre Chaffin(Charlotte, NC)

We took a tour with cosoland had a magnificent time. His guides are so knowledgeable andfriendly.The food and drink he provides as part of the tour aregreat and plentiful.Thanks for a wonderful day. -- Alex and Brenda(Hamilton, Ontario)

My family of 7 adultsvarying in age had the most wonderful day of the whole cruisetouring with COSOL. We learned a great deal, ate all kinds offantastic food, met wonderful people and had the opportunity tofall in love with a beautiful island because of a tour presented bypeople filled with joy and pride for St Lucia. Don't miss thistour! -- Ann Marie, Luc, John, Michelle, Nicole, Michael and Marc(Ontario, Canada)

Hi my name is Greg fromCambridge Ontario Canada. My girlfriend and I visited St. Luciaduring the second week of November while on a cruise. We were luckyenough to come across Cosol Tours on the net. What an incredibleexperience we had, there is not one better way to explore thisbeautiful island then with Cosol Tours. The transportation wasgreat, the hospitality was second to none and the food and beveragewas not only perfect but tropical to the island which made this byfar the best stop on my trip. The stop at ocean for a swim was myfavorite (ok the beer was but that's another story). The day waswonderful Cosol, I have and will recommend you to anyone I meetthat visits the Island of St Lucia. -- Greg & Michelle

We were on the NorwegianPearl for Thanksgiving week and really enjoyed our Cosol tour. Eventhough we had been to St Lucia before, we got to experience so muchof the island's flavor through the tour. The drinks, fruit, breadand other goodies just made the day even more enjoyable. We had afriendly guide and got to see quite a bit of the island, includinga nice beach break. We heard about Cosol through Cruise Critic andquite a few from our group went on the tour - and everyone thoughtwe really got our money's worth. I highly recommend using Cosolwhen visiting St. Lucia. -- Marianne (Weston FL)

We are just back from theDestiny and want to tell everyone what a wonderful time we had withCosol and his crew on our tour. We tour the majority of the islandand were very happy with the time that they took to explain theareas we were visiting. The food that they serve is fabulous and Iespecially loved the hot bread and cheese. I need you to send mesome Cosol. We went on the tour on my daughters 25th birthday a ndthey truly made her feel special. Thanks so much to Cosol and Shaland yes even to Bapiste for making our stay in St Lucia andKrista's birthday so much fun and so memorable. We will definitlybook with Cosol in the future when we return to St Lucia. Theisland is beautiful. -- Mindy & Dennis & Krista

What a road trip, weenjoyed hearing about the real St. Lucia and its people. There werephoto stops along the way, and St. Lucia delicacies/snacks anddrinks as well. We loved his tour and feel we saw the "real" St.Lucia. Thanks Cosol, for a great day! -- Judi (Evansdale, IA)

We did the tour with Cosolon our March Constellation cruise. He was great. We got so muchinformation and got a glimpse of life on St. Lucia through hispersonal experience. His personalized style is what makes his toursso special........and the local food he provides (included in theprice) is wonderful. His tour price is a bargain, the van is cleanand he does not overbook. You'll be very satisfied to take Cosol'stour and see beautiful St. Lucia with him. -- Beth (New Orleans,LA)

I toured with Cosol onMarch 15th and had an absolutely amazing time. Cosol is thefriendliest man and knows so much about the island. He truly showsyou, not just in location, but in tastes, what St. Lucia is about.When I talked to other people on the ship, we saw twice as much asthey did of the island for half the cost of what they paid. Ihighly recommend touring with Cosol. -- Wrona (Arkansas,USA)

Eight of us signed on withCosol in Feb 2006. From all the good reviews we decided to give hima try and it was not a waste of time or money! Cosol gave us one ofthe best tours we had throughout our 11 day cruise. We got to meethis wonderful brother Yellow Bird -- and both of them were clearlyloved by the local islandars, in fact, everywhere we went someonewas shouting "COSOL." There was lots to eat along the way and itwas very informative. Don't forget your swim trunks! Keep up thegood work Cosol and say hi to your son Christopher for us. -- Ed& Gail (Canada)

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